1, and his wife quarrel, his wife angrily ran out of their own! service apartments

Four-year-old daughter still eat that, I scolded her: also eat, your mother did not know where to go! The The

She looked at me and said: his wife lost, and find their own ah. The The

2, three-year-old daughter sitting on the couch to eat snacks, I scrape together the former tease her: give me to eat it!

Daughter looked up at her faint look, without thinking to learn her mother said: call sister. The The

3, last night to sleep early, confused to hear four-year-old son said: Mom, my ass out a lot of sweat. The The

I touched, I rub! The The Which is sweat ah, this bear child obviously afraid of bedwetting beaten. The The

4, the son of the school just a few days ago was the teacher home visits, the teacher has just graduated from the class, looks pretty pretty, told me some of the son of the school mischievous performance after leaving.

I was going to teach my son, and he said start hong kong company, "Daddy, no strength, no matter what you think, I have a way to get her a few days!"

I. The The

5, Father's Day, the teacher let the children go home to father's feet, my son gave me the feet, the teacher arranged Father's Day essay is written:

Dad's feet are sour and smelly, open socks that grabbing, sour smell pungent until my every nerve, like fried tofu mixed with feces in the hot summer sealed a half months.

Chaping of the nails are all black mud wine wset
, black mud in the nails simply can not pull out, like being born to stick in the meat.

But I do not think my father's feet are smelly and dirty, and in the great father's love, I smell the thick floral fragrance.




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