The first meeting of ya and Lin was in the year of high school. He was transferred to school, and he was suspended from the same table at that time. The head teacher arranged for her to sit with him. From then on, they became good friends without words.

Listen Lin says his parents divorced when he was 6 years old. Both men then reorganized the new family. He became a "drag bottle" and had to live together with his grandmother. Then grandma died, and it was only then that she turned to her mother to read.

As a child, he was probably a single parent. He was introverted and disliked going out. The book was his only companion, and he went to the library and read. He read all the books and books. In the book, he slowly found a bit of happiness.

The family side with her, usually for her psychological doctor, ya finally get rid of that emotion. Love is a poison, she said, only those who use it can be poisoned too deeply.




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