Life is not on the road scenery, how happy how the line, how comfortable how to live, how happy how too! People in this life, it should be better, the money did not earn again, the room collapsed and then cover, but once life is gone, no copy, can not come again. Tomorrow things are hard to predict, is happiness or disaster, do not give yourself trouble, can be happy, do not be sad, happy, do not worry. People in this life, save the province to eat, figure what? In the end, the money did not save enough, the body uncomfortable. Busy, for what? In the end, hard, makeup thin. People in this life, is to worry about the life, learn not chic and comfortable, because the responsibility is too heavy, can not do their own contented, their own business happiness.
Life is like a landscape, really happy people, is the kind of detours did not forget to enjoy the scenery when people. Life, never copy, the pain is only a piercing experience, people more strong, more cherished; years, never turn back, give up is only a kind of helpless choice, so that the heart is more clear, more persistent; life, Can never be restarted, alive is also a simple happiness, despite the difficulties, despite tears, there are sunrise, there are months. Happy, in fact, on the side, on the road, in the heart!
Life like dandelion, seemingly free, but involuntarily. Some things, do not care, whether you do not care; some people, not what you think, whether you do not understand; some way, must go, whether you are willing to. Not more trouble, do not stir up trouble, do not avoid things, do their own, with the true face of all; less blame, less blame, less accent, less angry, learn to be quiet, with a smile to consider everything; more experience, more inclusive, more thinking, Regret but no regrets Like dandelion as beautiful, though light, but not humble, it has its own life, but also have their own world!




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