Houses, this is a common residence building. However, in the long history of evolution, it has undergone earth-shaking major changes, from wood structure -- brick structure -- brick mix structure -- reinforced concrete structure -- steel structure. Especially the door of the house, more exquisite. In traditional Chinese architecture, the door is not only an important practicality, but also a symbol of status, wealth and cultural character. From the ancient architecture that is preserved today, the door is the most exquisite materials in the building. The materials used for the door are the most excellent materials that the occupant can do. The wood requirements are durable and suitable for carving; Stone is best made of bluish stone, if it is to be used with sand and stone is also used in a better quality. The decoration on the gate is the finest and most abundant of all.

The main part of the door itself is the door fan, the door is only one fan, the gate is double fan, there are more large doors. Ancient door fan many ligneous, by long piece board and so together, hence call board door. When the combination is made with a few horizontal lumbar strings, the top and bottom are evenly distributed behind the door, and the boards are joined together by rows of iron nails. The nails on the door are called studs. In addition, in the wide width of the door fan, also at the door of the upper and lower ends of the pack with iron sheet to enhance the horizontal connection of the door, this iron is called "look at the leaf".




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